Kokatat Drysuit Rentals

Our Kokatat Drysuit Rental program allows you to enjoy the ultimate in cold-water comfort and safety on your trips! Say goodbye to the constricted feeling Kokatat Drysuits and perpetual cold and damp of a wetsuit.

We have a selection of Men’s and Women’s Kokatat Drysuits available for rental at our Waltham Shop. Drysuits are available for Off-Site Rental or included with our Ocean Trips according to the rates below.

Off-Site Use $30 $55 $75 $20 $155 $140 $1000
with Class/Trip $20

Gore-Tex Front Entry Suit

The GFE suit is the Gore-Tex Front Entry Suit with Gore-Tex Socks and either a Relief Zipper (R, Men’s) or a Drop Seat (D, Women’s). The GME is the Gore-Tex Meridian Suit, which includes a double tunnel for sprayskirt integration, Gore-Tex Socks, and a Relief Zipper or Drop Seat. The Expedition is a GMER/GMED with a hood and reflective accents. The SuperNova is made from Tropos 2-layer waterproof/breathable fabric and has similar features to the GFE.

For more details on these suits, visit the Kokatat Web Page. A Kokatat Drysuit is a specialized piece of gear that does require some care during use. Learn more about drysuit care.

Apply Two Days of Rental to Your Drysuit Purchase

If you try a drysuit and love it so much that you buy one from us, you can apply up to two days of rental charge to your purchase. You must purchase a drysuit within two days of your rental to receive the credit.


Insulation & Layering

With a drysuit your insulation comes not from the suit itself but from the layers you wear underneath. Think of the drysuit as a jacket — you always wear something under your jacket. Wear layers underneath that move moisture away from your skin and provide sufficient insulation.

Adjust your layering based on the air and water temperature and your activity level. Don't overdress — it's actually easy to overheat in a drysuit if you wear too much. Learn more about dressing and layering for paddling.

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