Weekly Race on the Charles in Newton

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Every Wednesday night, the Charles River Racers gather for a friendly, informal canoe and kayak paddle starting at the DCR parking lot at approximately 150 Norumbega Road in Weston. Races are approximately 5 miles (40 to 60 minutes) in length. No entry fee is required.

When: Wednesdays starting at 5pm to 6pm. Please join the Yahoo group below for updates.

For More Information: call Mark Jacobson at (617) 965-5110 or send e-mail.
You can also subscribe to the Charles River Racers newsgroup for information on the races and local training sessions. Subscribe to the group by visiting Charles River Race on Yahoo

View Shawn Burke’s Map of the General Clinton Access Points

Weekly Race Results
Results are posted by Charles River Canoe & Kayak as a public service to the racing community.
Charles River Canoe & Kayak does not sponsor or sanction this race series.

2009 Season

Week of 9/30/09
59 F, ~120 cfs
38:45?Darius Klim, Nelo ICF K1
39:43 Chris Chappell, Mohican Unlimited K1
39:45 Mark Jacobson and Bill Baker, Nelo ICF K2
39:47 Ben Lawry Jet ICF K1
41:00 David Vandorpe Nelo ICF K1
42:03 Ted Van Dusen, Mohican Unlimited K1
Ed Dvorchak, Mohican Unlimited K1
46:30 Michael Melnikov, Nelo Vanquish K1 (unsure time; was too busy trying stability 1 boat which is SUPERB)
Timmy Shields, Kirton Tor ICF
47:40 Andy Gallonio, Kirton Joker ICF
Pam Browning, Kirton Tor ICF
50:46 Aims Coney, WestSide Thunderbolt X Unlimited
Terry Myers-Coney, WestSide EFT Touring
Paul Cordella, Epic Endurance Sea
Ellen Stewart, WestSide Javelin ICF
Carina Peritore & Emma Ross, C2
Jeff Defeo, C1
Kristin Pineo, Surfski
Rob Flanagan, WestSide Thunderbolt Unlimited

Week of 9/23/09
80 F, ~110 cfs hot, shallow and weedy

39:00 Andrius Zinkevichus, Nelo ICF K1
40:09 Chris Chappell, Mohican Unlimited K1
40:20 Istvan Csapo, Hungarian ICF K1
40:40 David Vandorpe, Nelo ICF K1
Ted Van Dusen, Mohican Unlimited K1
Dariusz Klim, Nelo ICF K1 late start
43:54 Michael Melnikov, Storm ICF K1
48:11 Andy Hall, C1
Brenda Bowie and Carina Peritoire, C2
Jeff Defeo and Emma Ross, C2
49:39, Pam Browning, Kirton Tor
49:55 Aims Coney, WestSide EFT
Seth Miller, C1
Adam Gelinas, C1
50:45 Brian Mardirosian, Epic V10S Surfski

Also paddled
Steve Miller, C1
Paul Cordello
Kristin Pineo
Timmy Shields
Ellen Stewart

Week of 9/16/09
~200 cfs and ~60 degrees, getting dark

39:26 Chris Chappell, Van Dusen Mohican unlimited K1
Darius Klim, Nelo ICF K1
40:20 David Vandorpe, Nelo ICF K1
Ted Van Dusen, Mohican unlimited K1
Mark Jacobsen, Kirton tiger ICF K1
43:03 Michael Melnikov, Storm ICF K1
Bill Baker, Nelo ICF K1
Carina Peritore & Jeff Defeo, C2
Steve Miller, C1
Aims Coney, Westside EFT Touring
Pam Browning, Kirton Tor ICF K1
Terry Myers Coney Westside EFT
Andrius Zinkevichus, Nelo ICF K1 weeded up (DNF)

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