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We offer a natural progression of kayaking classes designed to expand, enhance, and develop your skills, from basic strokes and rescues to serious ocean adventures.

If you’ve never taken formal instruction, start with one of our Introductory Classes. The basic skills learned there are the foundation for all our other classes and trips.

We offer Kids’ Paddling Camps and Classes. We know that kids learn best when they’re having fun, so we teach through games and other activities to ensure that they love it!

Recommended Class Progression for Aspiring Sea Kayakers
Intro. to Kayaking / Intro. to Sea KayakingOcean Skills  → Ocean Skills: NavigationIntro. to Rough-Water Skills → Add Rolling at any time.

The Basics — Introductory Courses

Never Taken a Lesson?
Even if you’ve been paddling for years, if you’ve never taken a kayaking lesson our Introduction to Kayaking will open your eyes! Learn the most efficient strokes to maneuver your boat in all directions, paddle braces to enhance your stability, and assisted rescues to recover from a capsize.

Introduction to Kayaking (four hours of instruction)
The foundation for your paddling skills. Covers basic strokes and maneuvering, assisted rescues, paddle braces, and more.

Introduction to Sea Kayaking (full-day trip)
Learn the basics while enjoying the beauty of the Massachusetts coast. Covers basic strokes and maneuvering, assisted rescues, paddle-braces, plus topics specific to kayaking on the ocean. Focuses on skills but includes time for coastal touring.

Introductory Private Lesson (1.5-2 hours of instruction)
Learn the basic paddling strokes and rescues in a one-on-one session with an expert instructor. This class moves at your pace, spending more time when you need it, and covers the topics you want to learn about.

Ocean Paddling Skills

Ocean Skills (full-day trip)
Take your paddling to the next level in this full-day trip which will introduce you to ocean paddling. Dial in your forward stroke, build your bracing skills, and practice self- and assisted rescues in a realistic ocean environment.

Ocean Skills: Navigation (full-day trip)
Practice your navigational skills on the water. We cover nautical charts and compass use, tides and currents, trip planning, and various techniques of navigation, with plenty of hands-on exercises to give you real-world experience.

Rolling (three hours of instruction)
The Eskimo roll is the ultimate rescue: quick and unassisted. Students progress through a series of exercises designed to make rolling as easy as possible. Also great for paddlers looking to improve the reliability of their roll.

For Kids & Teens

Kids’ Paddling Programs
We offer a range of paddling instruction and activities for kids, including Summer Paddling Programs, Teen Adventure Programs, Kayaking Classes, and Birthday Parties.

Rough-Water Paddling Skills

Intro. to Rough Water Skills (full-day trip)
New England’s coast, with all its tidal rivers, offers plenty of current, so you’d better be ready! This full-day trip covers boat handling, capsize prevention, and rescues in currents and guaranteed adverse conditions.

Private Instruction

Private Instruction (instruction customized to your taste)
Cover any skills you want, at your pace. We offer one-on-one or group private lessons, always with an expert instructor.

American Canoe Association Courses

American Canoe Assn. Coastal Kayak Instructor Certification
ACA Certification is a nationally recognized standard for kayak instructors. We are not offering any instructor certification courses currently, but we do have ACA certified instructors that would be happy to provide necessary skills assessment, which is a required step in obtaining an ACA Certification. Upon successful completion of each Skills Assessment checklist, your Instructor will submit the paperwork and you will receive official documentation of your level of skill from the ACA National Office.

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