Requirements for Participation in our Kids’ Programs

The nature of our kids’ program experience requires that children possess a level of self-sufficiency, since activities are conducted in groups, and requires a level of skill to ensure that all campers can participate in our activities. In addition, to promote equal opportunity and enjoyment by all participants, children are expected to display appropriate behavior at all times and readily respond to corrective measures when taken.

In response, we have developed certain requirements that all participants must meet. Each child must be able to:

  • Function socially at the age or grade level specified for participants in this activity.
  • Be responsible for themself and their personal equipment.
  • Control behavior that causes harm to themself and others.
  • Comprehend, follow, and recall safety and skill information that precedes each activity.
  • Learn by experience and through group processes.
  • Adult Stand-Up Paddleboard $18/hour
  • Swim at least 25 yards.
  • Hold their breath underwater for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Based on training provided by program staff, hold a paddle and execute basic paddle strokes.
  • Based on training provided by program staff, steer and propel a craft on their own for a distance of 3-5 miles in prevailing conditions of weather, wind, and current.
  • Participants in our Teen Adventure Program must be able to self-administer all medications.

If you have questions about this policy, or would like to discuss whether your child meets these requirements, please contact our Director of Guiding & Kids’ Programs at (617) 965-5110 or via e-mail.


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