Shuttled River Trips from Nahanton Park in Newton

guided-tours-shuttled-river-toursCharles River Canoe & Kayak in Nahanton Park offers Shuttled River Trips so you can easily explore this wonderful stretch of river. A float trip in a canoe down the Charles is a great way to spend the day! Depending on your paddling pace and stops, you can spend a morning or the better part of a day paddling the Charles.

How it works

All shuttled trips begin at our Nahanton Park location on the Newton/Needham town line. Your party and your boat are transported to your chosen drop-off point, where you get on the river and paddle downstream to our Nahanton Park location.

You pay a flat fee based on your boat type and can take as long as you like to return to the dock (make sure you’re back before we close). The price includes boat rental, life jackets and paddles for each party member, and passenger shuttle. Or, bring your own boat and pay per passenger.

Custom Trips

Want to create your own group outing? We are happy to schedule a custom shuttled river trip according to your schedule. The following minimum charges apply (these count toward your total boat rental cost): $200 during our normal hours or $300 to open at a special time.

Shuttle Pricing
Standard Canoe (2-3 adults, or 2 adults/2 kids) $85
Tripper XL Canoe (4-5 adults) $145
Plastic Single Kayak (1 adult) $69
Plastic Kids Kayak (1 adult) $45
Plastic Double Kayak (2 adults) $89
Stand-Up Paddleboard (1 adult) $69
Your Own Boat (Shuttle Fee Per Person) $40
Season Passholder (Shuttle Fee Per Person $20


Nahanton Shuttle Trip meets at our Nahanton Park location in Newton.
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Dolan Center — 6-Mile Trip: Our shortest shuttle trip is great for families and can be completed in two to three hours. Beginning at the Dolan Center in Dedham and meandering back to Nahanton Park with the current you'll paddle some of the most scenic sections of the Charles, past Millenium and Cutler Park and acres of undeveloped parkland on both sides of the river.

Charles River Park — 10-Mile Trip: This trip begins at Charles River Park on South Street in Needham. This trip is entirely flatwater, with noticeable current in some sections. The first two miles of this trip have a stronger current and pass under the beautiful arch bridge of Greendale Ave. Soon thereafter, the Charles begins its scenic meanders through Dedham. At mile 7 of the trip, you pass under Spring Street and can take out at Riverdale Park on the left for lunch on the grass or at a local restaurant (Riverside Pizza and the Waterfords are across the street; remember that drinking and paddling don't mix!). The last three miles of the trip pass mostly through undeveloped parkland on both sides of the river — a scenic and relaxing end to a great day! This ten-mile trip usually takes three to four hours on the water.

Registration/Cancellation Policy for Shuttled Trips

  • Full payment is due upon registration for a shuttled river trip.
  • For cancellations received 7 days or more before your scheduled shuttle trip, we will issue a refund less a 10% registration fee.
  • For cancellations received less than 7 days before your scheduled shuttle trip, we are unable to offer any refunds, except when due to inclement weather (see below).
  • Cancellations due to inclement weather must be made by contacting our Office at (617) 965-5110 before 5pm the night before your scheduled shuttle trip. For such cancellations we will issue a refund less a 10% registration fee, or a full credit to be used for any activity, rental, or merchandise.
  • A minimum number of registrants is required for any event to run. If we cancel a shuttle due to low enrollment, we will provide a full refund.
  • A minimum water flow is needed to run the shuttle trip from Cochrane Dam, and the trip may be shortened to a Charles River Park trip on the morning of the trip.
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